CFP PLM4 - 4th Philosophy of Language and Mind Conference, Bochum, 21-23 SEPT 2017

Friday 19 May 2017

CFP PLM4 - 4th Philosophy of Language and Mind Conference, Bochum, 21-23 SEPT 2017




PLM is a European network of centers devoted to the Philosophy of Language and Mind and organizes a biennial international conference series with leading experts on the field.


The Fourth PLM conference will take place:


Venue: Ruhr University Bochum

Time: 21-23 September 2017


The conference welcomes the submission of abstracts in the areas of

·         philosophy of language (widely construed, including philosophical logic and philosophy of linguistics) and

·         philosophy of mind (including philosophy of psychology and cognitive science).

Abstracts accepted as talks will be allocated 40 minutes, including 10 minutes of discussion. In addition, we will allow for poster presentations. Selected papers from all three previous PLM conferences have been published in special issues of Synthese or Review of Philosophy and Psychology. A similar special issue with selected papers is intended for PLM4.

Plenary Speakers:

·         Emma Borg (U Reading)

·         Ophelia Deroy (LMU Munich & IP London)

·         Paul Egré (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris)

·         Max Kölbel (U Vienna)

·         Nikola Kompa (U Osnabrück)

·         Bence Nanay (U Antwerp)

·         Albert Newen (U Bochum)

·         Markus Werning (U Bochum)

Organization: Markus Werning (speaker), Albert Newen and Heinrich Wansing

PLM Board/Member Institutions:

·         Arché, St. Andrews (Derek Ball)

·         Department of Philosophy, CEU, Budapest (Hanoch Ben-Yami)

·         CLLAM, Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University (Peter Pagin)

·         CSMN, Oslo (Robyn Carston)

·         ILCLI, University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian (Kepa Korta)

·         ILLC, University of Amsterdam (Paul Dekker)

·         Institut Jean Nicod, Paris (François Recanati)

·         Institut für Philosophie II, Ruhr University Bochum (Markus Werning)

·         Institute of Philosophy, London (Corine Besson)

·         LanCog, Universidade de Lisboa (Pedros Santos)

·         LOGOS, University of Barcelona (Michele Palmira)

Abstracts should be anonymous, not more than two pages of A4 (1 inch margins, 11 Times Roman) and submitted as a pdf file via EasyChair at:

Submission opens:  1 April 2017

Submission closes: 15 June 2017

Notification of acceptance: 30 July 2017

Registration opens: 1 August 2017

Conference: 21-23 September 2017

The conference will be preceded by an independent satellite conference on “Pain and Emotion” in Bochum on 20 September 2017 (more information will be available soon).