Prof Christopher Peacocke to give four seminars on Metaphysics and Mental Representation.

Monday 26 September 2016

Four Seminars on Metaphysics and Mental Representation

Christopher Peacocke (Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Philosophy, and Johnsonian Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University) will deliver four seminars in Senate House, Malet St, London, under the general title Metaphysics and Mental Representation. All are welcome to attend but some knowledge of philosophy of mind and language will be presupposed. The titles, times, and locations of the four Seminars are as follows:

Seminar One: Wednesday 5 October, at 4.30pm in Room 234 Senate House:
The Place of Metaphysics in the Theory of Meaning and Content
(Light refreshments will be served)

Seminar Two: Wednesday 12 October, at 4.30pm in Room 243, Senate House:
Magnitudes in Science, Perception, and Computational Explanation

Seminar Three: Wednesday 2 November, at 4.30pm in Room G34, Senate House:
Time and Temporal Content

Seminar Four: Wednesday 16 November, at 4.30pm in Room 246, Senate House:
Ontology and Intelligibility


The general thesis of this series is that, contrary to much literature of the past forty years, metaphysics is involved in the individuation of content and meaning. This thesis is developed on general abstract grounds; it is applied in critical consideration of the views of McDowell and Dummett; and its consequences are explored. The thesis is then illustrated for various particular domains, including the metaphysics and mental representation of magnitudes, and the mental representation of time. In the final seminar, it is argued that a proper account of the relations between the metaphysics of a domain and contents concerning that domain has as a byproduct a new account of the limits of intelligible contents. The new account is applied in discussing the views of Descartes, Leibniz, Lewis, Quine and recent work by Dasgupta.