The Centre for Computing in Philosophy develops and maintain computing services which facilitate and promote philosophical research nationally and internationally. The Centre's flagship service is PhilPapers, the leading index of online research in philosophy.

The Centre is currently developing two new services: PhilEvents and PhilSurvey. PhilEvents will be a universal calendar of events (talks, conferences, call for papers) in philosophy. It will help raise awareness of events, disseminate post-event information, and streamline the event organisation process. PhilSurvey will provide an overview of current debates in philosophy.

It is also part of the mission of the Centre to hold biannual meetings involving participants from the UK and abroad. These meetings, to start in September 2011, will take the form of round tables where invited participants discuss current and future Centre projects and related questions pertaining to the technological environment in research. Each meeting will involve a number of the Centre's associates and a cross-section of stakeholders from students to full-time academics and publishers.

The Centre counts three full-time staff members and a number of associates who contribute to and provide input for its projects. The Centre is headed by David Bourget.