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The Centre for Logic and Language was inaugurated in Nov 2008 as part of the Institute of Philosophy. It was created to produce and support high quality research on logic and language in philosophy and neighbouring disciplines.

The Centre hosts a regular seminar series, the LEM – Logic, Epistemology and Metaphysics Forum. The forum meets in term time. This term's talks will be:

9/5/19                     Javier Cumpa (Complutense University, Madrid) 

                               Please note this seminar is on Thursday

14/5/19                   Stephan Torre (University of Aberdeen)

21/5/19                   Panu Raatikainen (Tampere)

POSTPONED TO AUTUMN - 4/6/19 - Daniel Cohnitz (University of Utrecht)


Please see the full list of 2018/19 fixtures for further details.

The Centre aims to provide information about other activities and events in the philosophy of language, logic and linguistics and to create on-line resources for gathering and improving access to research papers on topics in this area. We expect activities to grow and will look for opportunities for further collaborations with our partners.

Director: Corine Besson (Sussex, Philosophy & Institute of Philosophy)

CeLL Fellow/LEM Convener: Florian Steinberger (Birkbeck College, University of London)

CeLL Honorary Fellow (Sept 2018 - Jan 2019): Manish Oza (University of Toronto/Birkbeck)

Founding Director: Barry C Smith (Institute of Philosophy)

The Centre provides a focus for networking activities with similar research institutions in the UK, Europe and the US, including:

Arche Centre at University of St Andrews
Institute Jean Nicod in Paris
LOGOS Group in Barcelona
Centre for Cognitive Science in Rutgers
The Irish Network for Philosophy of Language and Mind

For further information about the activity of the Centre, contact the director.