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January 17th: Vincent Hayward (Paris, ISIR) A world of tactile illusions and what we can do with them.
Feb 14th: Salvadore Soto-Faraco (Spain)
March 7th: Dale Purves (Duke University) Why We See What We Do: Some Heretical Ideas about Vision
March 21st: Thor Grunbaum (Copenhaguen & IP)
March 25th: Jonathan Cohen (UCSD)
April 25th: Geraint Rees (ICN, London)
June 4th: Anya Hurlbert (Newcastle University)


January 10th : Chris Macmanus (UCL)
March 1st : Luciano Fadiga (Ferrara) A sensorimotor processing of language
March 22nd : Mohan Matthen (Toronto) Individuating the senses
April 2nd: Ned Block (NYU) Phenomenal and access consciousness
April : Keith Allen (York) on colour
April : Kevin O’Regan (Paris V) A sensori-motor approach to feel
May: Ellen Friedland (Berlin) Skill Acquisition
June: Brian Keeley (Pitzberg) The Senses’ redux
Oct 25th: Victoria Williamson (Goldsmith) on Amusia.
Nov 1st (4-6pm):Georges Rey (Maryland) on Concept Nativism.
Nov 7th : Roi Cohen-Kadosh (Oxford) on Synaesthesia
Nov 22nd: Matt Nudds (Warwick), Hearing sound sources
Dec 7th: Joelle Proust (Jean Nicod, Paris) on Noetic feelings
Dec 13th : Josef Pavizi (Stanford) on deep brain stimulation
Dec 4th, 11th and 17th: Chandaria Lectures, Neurons and Knowledge, Colin Blakemore
Friday Dec 14th : Workshop on Intentions and control of Action (co-organised with Thor Grunbaum, Copenhaguen & IP)


January 10th: Olivier Massin (Geneva) The objectivity of touch
January 26th: Debi Robesron (Essex) & Stephen Butterfill (Warwick) Categorical perception and category structure
Feb 3rd: Oliver Kauffman (Aarhus) Modal signature and perceptual awareness
Feb 10th: Catherine Dacremont (Department of Psychology, University of Bourgogne, France) What is sensory analysis?
March 3rd: Anne-Lise Giraud (Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives, Departement d’Etudes Cognitives, ENS, Paris, France)Ideas about the role of cortical oscillations in speech and language
March 17th: Clare Batty (Department of Philosophy, University of Kentucky, USA)Do You Smell That? On the Representation of Objects in Olfactory Experience.
March 23rd: Petter Johansson (Cognitive, Perceptual and Brain Sciences, University College London, UK)Choice blindness as a tool to study the limits of self-knowledge
May 5th: Joydeep Bhattacharya (Centre for Cognition, Computation and Culture, Department of Psychology, Goldsmiths)Impact of Crossmodal Transfer of Musical Emotion on Decision Making
May 26th: Malcolm Galloway (Cellular Pathology, Royal Free Hospital)Pathological Diagnosis: meaning, communication and classification in pathology
July 6th : Marc Ernst (Max Planck) Recalibration makes (the) perfect sense
Oct 6th : Malika Auvray (LIMSI, CNRS) : Understanding the integration of sensory-substution devices : the analogy with reading
Oct 20th: Mohan Matthen (Toronto): Iconic Representation and Its Limitations


January 18th: Stephen Butterfill (Warwick) Categorical perception: Not what it seems
January 28th: Tim Crane (Cambridge) Ideas of sensory content
March 11th: Axel Cleeremans (University of Brussels) Consciousness: The radical plasticity thesis
March 18th: Ian Philips (UCL, UK) Sensory memories
March 30th: Malika Auvray (LIMSI, Orsay) Cross-modal change blindness
May 18th:Anthony Marcel (Herts, UK) & Patrick Haggard (ICN, UCL, UK) The sense of agency
May 20th: Steven Palmer (Berkeley, USA) Aesthetic preference for spatial composition
May 26th: Ophelia Deroy (Paris XII & IJN, Paris) Can thought influence perception ? Coloured shapes, smells and other cases.
June 16th: David Bourget (Institute of Philosophy, School of advanced study, University of London) Is consciousness modal?
Oct 7th: Patrick Haggard (ICN, UCL, UK)Intentional Inhibition
Nov 10th : Daniel Wolpert (Cambridge, UK) Probabilistic models of human sensorimotor control


Sept 16th: Iris Trinkler (ENS, Paris)Olfaction and the Hippocampus
Nov 19th: Manos Tsakiris (Royal Holloway, London, UK) Experimenting with the bodily self: Understanding the relation between agency and body-ownership


2012, January 12th (Coffin Lecture) : Prof. Colin Blakemore (Oxford) Vision Impossible

2012 Chandaria Lectures: Dan Sperber and Hugo Mercier. The argumentative theory of reasoning

2011 Chandaria Lectures : Ray Dolan, Reward

2010: Chandaria Lectures : Daniel Dennett


Workshops & Conferences


March 25th: Flavour (co-sponsored by the journal Flavour)
May 14-15th: Peri-personal space (co-organised with Adrian Alsmith. Copenhagen)
May 16th-17th: Philosophy of Action
May 23rd-24th: Conference on Pictorial Paradoxes
June 10th-16th, Summer School: Embodied Inter-subjectivity: 1st and 2nd person perspective (co-organised with Manos Tsakiris & Andrea Serino)


May 30th Scent and Sensibility
May 15th-16th: The personal and subpersonal distinction. Daniel Dennett, Chris Firth, Tim Crane, Zoe Drayson, Ophelia Deroy, Kathrin Akins


February : Body Representation
March: Perception and social interaction
April: Predictive coding
September 27th-28th : Interoceptive awareness and cognition
December 12th : Defining synaesthesia


March 31st: Sensory substitution and synaesthesia. In collaboration with the Phenomenal Qualities Project
University of Hertfordshire, UK ; Nick Humphrey (Cambridge, UK) ; Jamie Ward (Sussex, UK) ; Michael Sollberger (Lausanne, Switzerland) ; Ophelia Deroy (Paris XII, France)
Malika Auvray (CNRS, Paris, France)
May-June: Consciousness and action: Research seminar by David Papineau (King’s College) & Hong Yu Wong (Birckbeck) 7 seminars: from May 4th to June 15th
Nov 18th: Flavour, taste and smell.
Barry C Smith (Institute of Philosophy, London, UK) The Puzzle of Acquired Tastes; Louise Richardson (Oxford, UK) Flavour, Taste and Smell ; Martin Yeomans (Sussex, UK)
Understanding Flavour: Perception, Hedonics and the Control of Appetite


Dec 3rd: The nature of taste, between science and aesthetics.
Centre for the Senses Launch Event
Fiona Macpherson (University of Glasgow) Cognitive Penetration and Taste,
Commentator: Mark Kalderon (UCL); Andy Taylor & Joanne Hort (Nottingham)
Flavour – the most mysterious sense?; Commentator: Barry Smith (IP) ; Ophelia Deroy (Paris XII) Tasting Shapes: Metaphor or Synaesthesia? Commentator: Matthew Nudds (Edinburgh) ; Andy Hamilton (Durham)The Art Of Criticism: Vindicating An Aesthetic Conception Against Elitism And Populism; Commentator: Hong Yu Wong (IP/BBK)


Associated Events 

The Centre also contributes to other events outside London, in collaboration with other departments and projects, or hosts scientific meetings like the ESPP. It also hosts seminars series aiming at disseminating research results and new approaches to sensory experiences, noticeably through its on-going collaborations around flavour perception.

2011: Associative Learning (Durham & Senses Network)
Nov 2011: The nature of taste (NYU-London workshop, University of London in Paris, France).
August 2012: 20th meeting of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology (ESPP)
Nov 2012: Marc Jeannerod Memorial; Lyon, France.

Hosted seminar series open to the public:

London Gastrononomy Seminars
London Experimental Oenology Seminars