The Chandaria Lecture Series

The 2017 Chandaria Lectures were given by Professor Cecilia Heyes, University of Oxford.

Professor Heyes is a Senior Research Fellow in Theoretical Life Sciences, and Professor of Psychology, at All Souls College, University of Oxford.  She was educated at UCL and, after postdoctoral research as a Harkness Fellow in the United States, and at the University of Cambridge, she taught at UCL for many years.  A philosophical psychologist, her research interests focus on the evolution of cognition; the ways that natural selection, developmental and cultural processes conspire to produce adult human minds.  She is a Fellow of the British Academy.

Lecture 1, December 8th: Cognitive Gadgets

Lecture 2, December 12th: Gadgets for Mindreading and Imitation

Lecture 3, December 15th: Cultural Evolutionary Psychology

The podcasts of this year's lectures are now available to view online here